2/12/2010 Year of the Tiger

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2010 I think has been bringing many different types of change to many of us. I think another surge is due, and it’s to begin on the official Chinese New Year which this year is on Valentine’s Day. Hoping not to frighten anyone, I just think surges are a natural happening which help us recognize what is not working. It’s like an Outlook reminder that your new appointment overlaps another. It’s like walking off our preferred path, sometimes you need guidance like a trail marker, advice from a fellow hiker that warns us of the upcoming nest of snakes or weather change to force us to leave. In real life these are representative of many things in our lives. Death IS a new beginning, it’s NOT corny to believe this. I have always thought this and I embrace change wholeheartedly. My goal as of late is to not become bitter but BETTER! I can see my circle of friends has increased in QUALITY and I realize that sometimes through the jerks come the sincere. I hope you will take time this weekend to tell someone from the heart how much you appreciate them. It doesn’t have to be a lover or a family member. Tell someone that has always been honest with you how much you appreciate their input and friendship. That is what Valentine’s Day is about! Cheers everyone – hope to see you out n about! Keep supporting local musicians, artisans and local farmers! ~LL
P.S. Thought of the week: I wondered about the dvd area in the library I go to, it placed horror flicks with show tunes combined in the same section. What are your thoughts on why this happened? Can someone suggest a horror show tune for me, I’d love that!

2/12 Yarn (Americana/roots) at Sully’s Pub
2/13 Wince, spoken word/poetry @ Real Art Ways, Hartford
2/14 BB King & Buddy Guy@ MGM Grand
2/15 The Reducers @Mohegan Wolf Den
2/18 Creative Cocktail Hour @ Real Art Ways, Hartford
2/19 ULTERIA @Webster, Hartford
2/25 Nouveaux Pony Banditos, Frisky a Go-Go, North Shore Troubadours, and The Clams@ Café 9, New Haven
2/28 Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School @ Café 9, New Haven.”where art, burlesque, and booze casually mingle and make Sundays a little less lazy for artists and spectators alike.” Sketchy and his lovely burlesque babes get brainy with a whiff of sex, and steamy with a hint of culture. Sharpen your pencils.
2/27 Seth Adam @ Meriden Humane Society Fundraiser at Ryder’s in Meriden, CT
3/5 Connecticut Rollergirls vs. Montreal @ CT Sports Complex, Amityville, CT
3/10 Dropkick Murphy’s @ The Oakdale, Wallingford
3/12 Dharma Brown at Sully’s Pub
3/13 Standard Fare; w/ Conversion Party; The Cavemen Go@Cafe 9, New Haven
3/18 The Vivisectors; w/ North Shore Troubadours; 9th Wave • @Cafe 9, New Haven
3/21 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy @Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT
4/13 Joe Buck Yourself; w/ another tba • @Cafe 9, New Haven
4/17 CT Rollergirls vs. London England! @ CT Sports Complex, Amityville, CT
4/17 Heavy Trash; w/ another tba @Cafe 9, New Haven


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