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2/18/10 LL’s LIST

Have you ever written a simple list of things and/or people you appreciate? I used to do this years ago in my journal every other week or so. It’s interesting to not only read journal entries from the past during your life, but also these lists of “thanks” that were so meaningful at the time change soo much!

Do a top ten, if even it’s only appreciating the homemade oatmeal with berries and almonds that you had for breakfast. It helps put things into perspective, like what is important and help you realize that priority changes all the time. The lists will really represent your mood at the moment! And it would be cool to look back and then realize how far you’ve come along.

It’s been said that when you have déjà vu, you are on the correct path in life. I haven’t had déjà vu in a couple of years now (due to injuries, I’m sure) and I’m hoping these top 10 lists I jot down will be another useful tool to guide the journey forward. I’ve always pursued my business & life goals, but occasionally the bio-rhythm slips and you need a friendly reminder that excitement and a new-ness is around the corner.

Come have some déjà vu with me along with a bunch of others tonight @ RAW’s monthly Creative Cocktail Hour. Lots of other things happening too see below and I hope to see you out ‘n about!
Keep supporting local musicians, artisans and organic farmers! xo ~LL~

2/18 Creative Cocktail Hour @ Real Art Ways, Hartford
2/19 Mardi Gras Roller Girl Fundraiser @The Warehouse, Hartford
2/19 ULTERIA @Webster, Hartford
2/20 Shag Frenzy @the Shadow Room, Middletown
2/21 Red Light Burlesque & Variety Show @Joker’s Wild, New Haven
2/25 Cosmic Jibaros @Black Eyed Sally’s, Hartford
2/25 Flogging Molly @ The Webster, Hartford
2/25 Nouveaux Pony Banditos, Frisky a Go-Go, North Shore Troubadours, and The Clams@ Café 9, New Haven
2/25 Bela Fleck @ the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts
2/26 Black 47 @ The Half Door, Hartford
2/27 Seth Adam @ Meriden Humane Society Fundraiser at Ryder’s in Meriden, CT
2/28 Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School @ Café 9, New Haven.”where art, burlesque, and booze casually mingle and make Sundays a little less lazy for artists and spectators alike.” Sketchy and his lovely burlesque babes get brainy with a whiff of sex, and steamy with a hint of culture. Sharpen your pencils.
3/5 Connecticut Rollergirls vs. Montreal @ CT Sports Complex, Amityville, CT
3/10 Dropkick Murphy’s @ The Oakdale, Wallingford
3/12 Dharma Brown at Sully’s Pub
3/13 Standard Fare; w/ Conversion Party; The Cavemen Go@Cafe 9, New Haven
3/18 The Vivisectors; w/ North Shore Troubadours; 9th Wave • @Cafe 9, New Haven
3/21 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy @Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT
4/13 Joe Buck Yourself; w/ another tba • @Cafe 9, New Haven
4/17 CT Rollergirls vs. London England! @ CT Sports Complex, Amityville, CT
4/17 Heavy Trash; w/ another tba @Cafe 9, New Haven

old LL’s List Blogs on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/laurielynne
New ones on: https://llfunky.wordpress.com/


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