Busy Bee?!

In Uncategorized on May 6, 2010 at 11:58 pm

Soooo sorry, no time for super blog, better ones are in the works, fer real. Too much happening and so many bookings, as I’ve began double booking with my assistants. Yes, it was time to let go a little and I feel it will be great in the end…thanks for everyone being there for me, you all freakin’ rock…

Here’s some stuff to do, so go do something or at least send me your suggestions to post…I’ll blog more next time around…xo LL
Keep supporting local musicians, artisans and organic farmers….

5/7 Hillbilly Happy Hour tonight at Café 9!
5/7 Swanky Panky@ Rudy’s!
5/7 The Gas House Gorillas @ Two Boots, Bpt.
5/7 Deadbolt w/ Sasquatch @ Club Hell, Providence
5/7 Japanese Punk Rock @ Snapper Mcgees, Torrington
5/7 Spring Heeled Jack @ Toads Place, New Haven
5/8 Wesleyan Potters Spring Sale, Middletown (during the day)
5/8 Spring Heeled Jack @ Toads Place, New Haven
5/8 CT Rollergirls Bout! @ CT Sports Center, Woodbridge, CT 6 pm
5/8 Angry Johnny & The Killbillies@Two Boots, Bridgeport
5/12 Hillbilly Happy Hour at Two Boots, Bpt
5/13 Surf Nite @ Two Boots, Bpt
5/13 Hillbilly Happy Hour @ Café 9!
5/14-16 Steampunk Fest in New Jersey
5/15 Sasquatch & The Sickabilly’s @ Geno’s, Portland, ME
5/15 The Pist, Sadplant @at Richmond St. Providence, RI
5/16 Red Light Burlesque, rockabillyrita vends too! @ Jokers Wild, New Haven
5/19 Wesleyan Farmers Market 11-2 pm@ Usdan University Center, Middletown
5/20 Creative Cocktail Hour @ Real Art Ways, Hartford
5/22 Brattleboro Brewers Fest, Vermont
5/22 Reverend Horton Heat @ Mohegan Sun
5/22 Mike Mcloughlin & The Jersy Cropdusters@Two Boots, Bpt.
5/22 3rd Annual 100% Kulture Show @ Ralphs, Worcester, MA
5/29 Clearlight Industries @ Rudy’s, New Haven
5/29-31 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
6/1 Terrible Things, Anberlin @ Toads Place, New Haven
6/3 The New Deal @ Toad’s Place
6/4 http://www.MisterTengu.com Art Opening Reception @ The Funky Monkey, Cheshire
6/5 IDEAT Village Fundraiser, New Haven
6/5 Sixgun Republic @ Roses’ Backstage, Groton
6/5 CT Rollergirls Bout! @ CT Sports Center, Woodbridge, CT
6/12 Rumble in the Country, Terryville
6/17 Creative Cocktail Hour @ Real Art Ways, Hartford
6/18 Ted Leo & the Pharmacists @ Daniel Street, Milford
6/19 MODS vs. Rockers @ Hartford Vespa, Plainville, CT
6/20 Ted Nugent @Toad’s Place, New Haven
6/22 Ulteria Special Appearances Night @ Partners, New Haven
6/22 Baroness & Mastodon @ Webster Theatre, Hartford
7/10 Murdercycles Hot Rod Riot, Ellington
7/16 Rebel Night @ The Warsaw, Brooklyn
7/15 CAKE @Ives Park, Danbury
7/23 Widespread Panic @Ives Park, Danbury
7/29 Los Straitjackets@Cafe 9, New Haven
7/31 Willie Nelson & Family @ Ives Park, Danbury
7/31 Social Distortion @ The Webster Theatre, Hartford
8/18 Prairie Home Companion @ Ives Park, Danbury
9/3-6 Coney Island Fest
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