“Lacking libations and dude ranch get-a-ways”

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2010 at 12:43 am

My mind is clouded with this weekend’s adventure to Mohegan Sun for Reverend Horton Heat. It’s also excited with the knowledge I can partake in some spirits again after a 10 day haul of antibiotics….ah relief is two fold. Also the doc told me no exercise during this time. I realized after speaking with a knowledgeable friend, he stated that the same bacteria broken down by the antibiotics, break down muscle and tendon tissues so injuries are higher. I’m so ready for my exercise routine and beverages, ha ha ha. I have had an interesting perspective without drinking. I’m a very social person drinking or not. But when your health is good, you tend to socialize more, I feel. Though libations aren’t always needed, I still shall welcome them with open arms. I also welcome the summer and all the fun that is to be had soon. I was just talking with a friend that has a great weekend idea, they’re going to a dude ranch (and not too far away either). Heavy Rebel Weekender is a good idea too….do you have any other cool ideas for summer get aways? Hope to see you out n about, keep supporting local musicians, artisans and organic farmers! Sincerely, ~LL~

5/20 Creative Cocktail Hour @ Real Art Ways, Hartford
5/20 Swanky Panky with DJ EBOMB spinnin’ @ Rudy’s, New Haven
5/20 Hillbilly Happy Hour at Café 9, New haven till 8 pm
5/20 Southern Culture on the Skids @The Ironhorse, Northampton, MA
5/21 The Swaggerin’ Growlers @Snapper Mcgees, Torrington
5/21 Crawfish Fest @Two Boots, Bpt.
5/22 Brattleboro Brewers Fest, Vermont
5/22 Soul Reapin III @ Rosie’s Cantina, Groton
5/22 Reverend Horton Heat @ Mohegan Sun
5/22 Mike Mcloughlin & The Jersy Cropdusters@Two Boots, Bpt.
5/22 3rd Annual 100% Kulture Show @ Ralphs, Worcester, MA
5/23 St. Bernadette & others @ Acoustic Café, Bpt. 7 pm free!
5/23 Dr. Sketchy’s Art School @Cafe 9, New Haven
5/23 Wayne Hancock @ Public Assembly
5/26 Reverend Horton Heat @ House of Blues
5/27They Hate Us, Nasty Disaster, @Cafe 9
5/28 Reverend Horton Heat @Highline Ballroom, NYC
5/29 Clearlight Industries @ Rudy’s, New Haven
5/29-31 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
6/1 Terrible Things, Anberlin @ Toads Place, New Haven
6/3 The New Deal @ Toad’s Place
6/4 Sixgun Republic @Club Hell, Providence, RI
6/4 http://www.MisterTengu.com Art Opening Reception @ The Funky Monkey, Cheshire
6/5 IDEAT Village Fundraiser, New Haven
6/5 Sixgun Republic @ Roses’ Backstage, Groton
6/5 CT Rollergirls Bout! @ CT Sports Center, Woodbridge, CT
6/12 Pioneer Valley Roller Derby Double header, Holyoke, MA
6/12 Rumble in the Country, Terryville
6/16 Middletown Annual Cruise Night, Middletown, CT
6/17 Creative Cocktail Hour @ Real Art Ways, Hartford
6/18 Ted Leo & the Pharmacists @ Daniel Street, Milford
6/19 MODS vs. Rockers @ Hartford Vespa, Plainville, CT
6/20 Ted Nugent @Toad’s Place, New Haven
6/22 Ulteria Special Appearances Night @ Partners, New Haven
6/22 Baroness & Mastodon @ Webster Theatre, Hartford
6/25 Adrian Belew @ Café 9 (this is epic) $20
7/10 Murdercycles Hot Rod Riot, Ellington
7/10 Psychobilly Luau, Brooklyn
7/14 Creepin Cadavers (free) @ Café 9, New Haven
7/16 Rebel Night @ The Warsaw, Brooklyn
7/15 CAKE @Ives Park, Danbury
7/23 Widespread Panic @Ives Park, Danbury
7/24 Angry Johnny & the Killbillies @ Brass Café, Northampton, MA
7/24 The Reducers @ Café 9
7/29 Los Straitjackets@Cafe 9, New Haven
7/31 Willie Nelson & Family @ Ives Park, Danbury
7/31 Social Distortion @ The Webster Theatre, Hartford
8/6-8 Return to Milltown (cars-bands-vendors), Palmer MA
8/7 This Frontier Needs Heroes @ Rudy’s, New Haven
8/18 Prairie Home Companion @ Ives Park, Danbury
9/3-6 Coney Island Fest
9/25 Ralphs Annual Rumble, Worcester, MA
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