Balanced by Blood

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“Balanced by Blood” 5/27
Balance is an important thing in so many respects. Balancing responsibility, recreation and family among other many things is very important. Exercise and nutrition are also what keeps us going while stressed or trying to balance these things. No matter what you do for a living….writer, rock star or 9 to 5er, if number one isn’t taken care of, how are you supposed to be there for others? I recently went to a holistic focused medical doctor and nutritionist for some advice on weight loss and general lifestyle. Have you ever read anything about blood types? The history of blood types is fascinating, it’s based on ancestry and includes food recommendations and also things to shy away from. Researching the blood type diet has left me amazed….I have actually had a dislike to most of the NOT recommended items on my lists. Now keep in mind that it’s not a “diet” it’s just a balance of what your digestive system can tolerate and what benefits it most. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was age 15 and it’s ironic that my blood type states that we should be ones that vegetarianism benefits most due to the lack of acid to break down such complex proteins. You can find most of this information for free on line, without the need of a nutritionist, however you need to know what blood type you are, can’t just wing that. There are several books on eating by blood type. Some fad diet plans are slightly influenced by the idea also, but I’m typically wary of this type of fad style book. Take everything with a grain of salt, information isn’t always correct, but seeing perspectives keeps us open minded and ready to seek real truths. Send me your feedback if you have any experience with eating by blood type, I’m interested in your opinions and how it modified your life, if so. I hope to see you out and about! Keep supporting local musicians, artisans and organic farmers! Sincerely, ~LL~

5/27 Hillbilly Happy Hour @ Café 9 Till 8 pm
5/27 Sasquatch One man band @ Rudy’s Bar, New Haven
5/27 They Hate Us, Nasty Disaster, @Cafe 9
5/27 Free Energy, Jukebox the Ghost & Miniature Tigers @ The Space, Hamden
5/27 to 6/5 CT Gay & Lesbian Fil Festival, Cinestudio, Hartford
5/28 Reverend Horton Heat @Highline Ballroom, NYC
5/28 Belly Dance Show @ The Polo Club, Hartford
5/29-31 Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, MA
5/29 Kitschy Craft Fair and Fleamarket, Holyoke, MA
5/29 Clearlight Industries @ Rudy’s, New Haven
5/30 B.O.M.B. Fest at the Durham Fairgrounds $50 tickets, multiple bands.
5/29-31 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
6/1 Terrible Things, Anberlin @ Toads Place, New Haven
6/1 Appetite for Life Cancer Benefit @ Tuscany Grill, Middletown 5-7 pm
6/3 The New Deal @ Toad’s Place
6/3 Hillbilly Happy Hour @ Café 9
6/3 Swanky Panky with DJ Ebomb @ Rudy’s, New Haven
6/4 Sixgun Republic @Club Hell, Providence, RI
6/4 http://www.MisterTengu.com Art Opening Reception @ The Funky Monkey, Cheshire
6/5 IDEAT Village Fundraiser, New Haven
6/5 Sixgun Republic @ Roses’ Backstage, Groton
6/5 CT Rollergirls Bout! @ CT Sports Center, Woodbridge, CT
6/12 Pioneer Valley Roller Derby Double header, Holyoke, MA
6/12 Rumble in the Country, Terryville
6/16 Middletown Annual Cruise Night, Middletown, CT
7/17 Redlight Burlesque @ Joker’s Wild, New Haven
6/17 Cirque du soleil, Hartford
6/17 Creative Cocktail Hour @ Real Art Ways, Hartford
6/18 Ted Leo & the Pharmacists @ Daniel Street, Milford
6/18 American Craft & Beer Fest @ World Trade Center, Boston
6/19 MODS vs. Rockers @ Hartford Vespa, Plainville, CT
6/20 Ted Nugent @Toad’s Place, New Haven
6/22 Ulteria Special Appearances Night @ Partners, New Haven
6/22 Baroness & Mastodon @ Webster Theatre, Hartford
6/25 Adrian Belew @ Café 9 (this is epic) $20
7/2 Gallagher @ Infinity hall, Norfolk
7/10 Murdercycles Hot Rod Riot, Ellington
7/10 Psychobilly Luau, Brooklyn
7/14 Creepin Cadavers (free) @ Café 9, New Haven
7/16 Rebel Night @ The Warsaw, Brooklyn
7/15 CAKE @Ives Park, Danbury
7/23 Widespread Panic @Ives Park, Danbury
7/24 Angry Johnny & the Killbillies @ Brass Café, Northampton, MA
7/24 The Reducers @ Café 9
7/29 Los Straitjackets@Cafe 9, New Haven
7/31 Willie Nelson & Family @ Ives Park, Danbury
7/31 Social Distortion @ The Webster Theatre, Hartford
8/1 Lilith Fair @ Comcast Theatre, Hartford
8/6-8 Return to Milltown (cars-bands-vendors), Palmer MA
8/7 This Frontier Needs Heroes @ Rudy’s, New Haven
8/18 Prairie Home Companion @ Ives Park, Danbury
9/5 Rockers Reunion with Soul Reapin 3, Memphis Morticians, The Clams
9/3-6 Coney Island Fest
9/25 Ralphs Annual Rumble, Worcester, MA
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