“New Car Smell”

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6/24/10 LL’s LIST “New Car Smell”

You realize that new car smell, is all chemicals….don’t you? Lol. After saving funds, breaking into piggy banks and adjusting my budget…I, yes, I for the first time in my life have purchased a new car. My long time mechanic father would be disappointed in the newness factor, but I offered and bargained all week for this car and got a deal. They say a new car loses $2,000.00 to 6,000 right away when you drive off the lot, I saved over 2000 and got the add ons that I wanted along with having the dealer meet me half way on the sales tax.….I feel I have an extra few years of security with a newer car, I will drive it until it rusts or safety becomes an issue. I’m used to getting used vehicles or clunkers that I’d pray wouldn’t break down on the way to college classes and all ages shows, I remember those days. I’m all grown up I guess, feeling a little selfish. Knowing my insurance will go up and I’ll have payments is a move I usually wouldn’t make, I’m all about freedom of restricting ones self from the cage of money restraints. I don’t want a lot, I just want to manage it well. I made room in the budget, got approved for a super low percentage rate for the balance of the loan I needed. The most important thing I feel is that I did my homework. In this economy other dealers and competition offer specials, ask the dealer you’re interested in buying from to honor such offers and you’d be surprised. Hell, I was and it worked. I’m thinking even more horsepower is needed in the next purchase….hopefully I’ll have towing capabilities for my future boat, kayaks and a big ole dog. Hahaha! Hope to see you out n’ about! Keep supporting local musicians, artisans and organic farmers! xo ~LL~

6/24 Ideat Village 7 pm Pitkin Plaza, New Haven
6/25 Adrian Belew @ Café 9 (this is epic) $20
6/25 Sideswipe @ up or on the rocks, Hartford
6/25-26 Don Rickles & Joan Rivers @ Foxwoods Casino
6/25 NERD FEST 6-8 pm @ The Space, Hamden
6/26 Surf Nite (FREE) w/Socially Starved and the Wraydars (Link Wray Trib.) @ Two Boots, Bpt.
6/27 Lobisomen, Bear in Heaven, Wess Meets West 7 pm @ The Space, Hamden
6/30 No Bunny, Medication @ Café 9, New Haven
7/1 Main Street Market Place 5 pm to 9 pm, TORRINGTON every Thurs. until August 26th
7/2 Gallagher @ Infinity hall, Norfolk
7/2 Creepin Cadavers @ Southwick Inn, MA
7/7 Skate with a Rollergirl @ Roller Magic, Waterbury
7/7 Rockabilly Burlesque @ Rodeo Bar, NYC
7/8 Goddamn Gallows, The Homeless People @ Café 9, New Haven
7/9-10 Anarchist Film Fest @ Popeye’s Garage, New Haven
7/10 Murdercycles Hot Rod Riot 5, Nutmeg Drive 10-10 pm, Ellington
7/10 Psychobilly Luau, Brooklyn
7/10 CT ROLLER GIRLS Double Header, 21 Bradley Rd, Woodbridge, CT
7/10 Big D and The Kids Table (SKA FEST) 1-9 pm @The Space, Hamden
7/13 Stellar Corpses & Soul Reapin III @ Rudy’s, New Haven
7/14 Creepin Cadavers (free) & the Henchmen @ Café 9, New Haven
7/15 Creative Cocktail Hour@ Real Art Ways, New Haven
7/15 Creative Cocktail Hour@ Real Art Ways, New Haven
7/15 CAKE @Ives Park, Danbury
7/16 Rebel Night @ The Warsaw, Brooklyn
7/18 Redlight Burlesque @ Joker’s Wild, New Haven
7/23 Burlesque-a-pades 9 pm @ Café 9, New Haven
7/23 Widespread Panic @Ives Park, Danbury
7/24 Angry Johnny & the Killbillies @ Brass Café, Northampton, MA
7/24 The Reducers @ Café 9
7/24-25 The Midsummer Magick Time Traveller’s Weekend@Schreiber’s Farm
7/24-25 The Midsummer Magick Time Traveller’s Weekend@Schreiber’s Farm
7/29 Los Straitjackets@Cafe 9, New Haven
7/31 Willie Nelson & Family @ Ives Park, Danbury
7/31 Social Distortion @ The Webster Theatre, Hartford
8/1 Lilith Fair @ Comcast Theatre, Hartford
8/6-8 Return to Milltown (original Sasquatch & The sickabilly’s line up for this show!!!) (cars-bands-vendors), Palmer MA
8/8 Vegan Ice Cream Social @ FUEL Coffee, New Haven
8/7 This Frontier Needs Heroes @ Rudy’s, New Haven
8/18 Prairie Home Companion @ Ives Park, Danbury
8/28 Grand Band Slam, Hartford
9/5 Rockers Reunion with Soul Reapin 3, Memphis Morticians, The Clams, more – – Glastonbury, CT
9/3-6 Coney Island Fest
9/17 Loretta Lynn @ the Warner Theatre, Torrington
9/25 Ralphs Annual Rumble, Worcester, MA
10/9 Hot Rod Fallout V, Elks Pavilion, Glastonbury
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