Real Men Wear Bugspray

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With all of the gatherings of friends and family, the 4th of July weekend is usually filled with bittersweet situations and plenty of imbibing. Please everyone be safe and don’t drive anything unless you are in a big field with no one around. This may or may not involve flood lights to seek out deer. I won’t tell, but the locals might speak about it for months and months down the road. To those whom are camping, don’t forget the bugspray. Even strong, big men can be irritated by such nuisances. And for the earth’s sake wouldya recycle your cans and glass, thanks bunches and I’ll return with a whole new blog next week. I just can’t wait to tell you about this new wine bar that I was recently taken to. See you out n about!
Keep supporting local musicians, artisans and organic farmers! ~LL~

7/3 Ulteria with our favorite DJ Madame Jynx@ Partners Cafe, New Haven
7/3 The Village People @ Mohegan
7/7 Skate with a Rollergirl @ Roller Magic, Waterbury
7/7 Rockabilly Burlesque @ Rodeo Bar, NYC
7/8 Goddamn Gallows, The Homeless People @ Café 9, New Haven
7/9-10 Anarchist Film Fest @ Popeye’s Garage, New Haven
7/9 The Smithereens @ Infinity Hall, Norfolk
7/10 Murdercycles Hot Rod Riot 5, Nutmeg Drive 10-10 pm, Ellington
7/10 Psychobilly Luau, Brooklyn
7/10 CT ROLLER GIRLS Double Header, 21 Bradley Rd, Woodbridge, CT
7/10 Big D and The Kids Table (SKA FEST) 1-9 pm @The Space, Hamden
7/13 Stellar Corpses & Soul Reapin III @ Rudy’s, New Haven
7/14 Creepin Cadavers (free) & the Henchmen @ Café 9, New Haven
7/15 Creative Cocktail Hour@ Real Art Ways, New Haven
7/15 CAKE @Ives Park, Danbury
7/16 Rebel Night @ The Warsaw, Brooklyn
7/18 Redlight Burlesque @ Joker’s Wild, New Haven
7/23 Burlesque-a-pades 9 pm @ Café 9, New Haven
7/23 Widespread Panic @Ives Park, Danbury
7/24 Angry Johnny & the Killbillies @ Brass Café, Northampton, MA
7/24 The Reducers @ Café 9
7/24-25 The Midsummer Magick Time Traveller’s Weekend@Schreiber’s Farm
7/24-25 The Midsummer Magick Time Traveller’s Weekend@Schreiber’s Farm
7/29 Los Straitjackets@Cafe 9, New Haven
7/29- 8/1 The VIBES, Bridgeport, CT
7/31 Willie Nelson & Family @ Ives Park, Danbury
7/31 Social Distortion @ The Webster Theatre, Hartford
8/1 Lilith Fair @ Comcast Theatre, Hartford
8/2 Living Colour @ Infinity Hall, Norfolk
8/3 Martin Sexton @ Infinity Hall, Norfolk
8/6-8 Return to Milltown (original Sasquatch & The sickabilly’s line up for this show!!!) (cars-bands-vendors), Palmer MA
8/8 Bim Skala Bim @ The Webster Theatre, Hartford
8/8 Vegan Ice Cream Social @ FUEL Coffee, New Haven
8/7 This Frontier Needs Heroes @ Rudy’s, New Haven
8/18 Prairie Home Companion @ Ives Park, Danbury
8/20 John Lee Hooker @ Infinity Hall, Norfolk
8/28 Grand Band Slam, Hartford
9/5 Rockers Reunion with Soul Reapin 3, Memphis Morticians, The Clams, more – – Glastonbury, CT
9/3-6 Coney Island Fest
9/17 Loretta Lynn @ the Warner Theatre, Torrington
9/25 Ralphs Annual Rumble, Worcester, MA
10/9 Hot Rod Fallout V, Elks Pavilion, Glastonbury
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